The Kerimaa Resort

If you happen to be in Kerimäki, you definitely need to check out Kerimaa Resort. It is located 15 km from Savonlinna and Punkaharju, and just 10 km from the wooden church. Kerimaa provides pleasant accommodation in individually-designed holiday cottages and hotel apartment blocks. Kerimaa is open all year round. You can swim in the … Continue reading The Kerimaa Resort

The Kerimäki Church

The church of Kerimäki is the largest wooden Christian church in the world, thanks to its 45 meters long, 42 meters wide and 27 meters high (whose dome also touches 37) wooden logs. Thanks to these incredible dimensions, it can accommodate over 5,000 visitors at a time. But why build a church so big? The … Continue reading The Kerimäki Church

Bicycle ride in Punkaharju Natural Reserve

If you love being in the nature, you must go to the Hotel Kruunupuisto in Punkaharju. There, you could rent an electric bike and ride it in the Punkaharju Natural Reserve: you only have to follow the guide and see the wonderful landscape. Looking around, you could see different kind of trees with different height … Continue reading Bicycle ride in Punkaharju Natural Reserve

Rantasalmi / Järvisydän Hotel & Spa Resort

The story of this resort is pretty fascinating and holds a huge historical importance: travel services have been available in Porosalmi since 1658, when the Russian Czar and King of Sweden agreed that Carelian marked ice roads running through Finland should've been built. At the time, places for feeding horses and accommodation for travelers were … Continue reading Rantasalmi / Järvisydän Hotel & Spa Resort

Engaging activities at Savonlinna – Activity Maker

Right from the start, when our experience in Finland began, we were informed about our work and tasks in the relative companies: needless to say, the most envied job was that of our friend David who would be working in a local recreation center, the Activity Maker , precisely. The activity is presented to us … Continue reading Engaging activities at Savonlinna – Activity Maker

Olavinlinna Castle and the Riihisari Museum

Our staying in Savonlinna begun with a visit to the Olavinlinna Castle and the Riihisari museum, which also hosts the offices of Savonlinna Travel, where we are doing our internship. The Olavinlinna castle dates back to 1475. It was built by Erik Axelsson Tott to protect the Savo region from attacks and battles. During our … Continue reading Olavinlinna Castle and the Riihisari Museum